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I am back?

2016-08-08 06:26:09 by Sibortech

Oh shit it's your boii.

But for real tho, its been a while, sorry. Just haven't been keeping up with the shit that I even post anymore anyway.

I've been working on a comic book for a while called Metal Fist, I'll give you details later, I'll also post for some art of that. I'll be dropping anything I've done recently off here too.

It's good to be back yo


Super enjoying Over Watch!

2015-11-04 11:09:43 by Sibortech

so watch out for some fan art of that!

how are ya folks?

2015-10-22 17:50:57 by Sibortech

I just came back to tell you. No. I am not dead XD. But, I was gone due to a number of reasons, one of them is depression, two, uploading stuff on this site is like. Cancer. But yea, I'll try uploading. I guess. I am making my way with the animation, still workin on the music. It's a super slow proccess, also I don't know if the person I work with has the time to produce the thing. So fuck. Thats a small problem. Well a big one to be honest. Ok I am blabbering.

Fucking midterm exams, thats a thing.

I hope you're all doing well.  Tell me about what you've been up to below!4914510_144555061542_bruhplease.png

Ok I am changing names

2015-09-23 12:38:20 by Sibortech

Instead of Velocity its Metal Fists. So yup. Although the first volume will be subtitled as velocity. Oh, how about I call the project. Velocity. But here is the catch. ITS CALLED METAL FISTS. I am so good at this.

Here is the first page. Just so you can get a feel for the kind of style.


I am far more frequent on them. So check'em out.

I am not really sure about all the deets but its definitely called 'Getting It Together'. Also I am more than happy if anyone wants to help pm me you lovies. So. I'll be working on the lyrics. It'll debut with the trailer for the manga! I am so hyped. 

Schools back.

2015-09-03 12:19:37 by Sibortech

Fuck. Ya'll gonna see less of me XD.

I have questions to ask. If you have the time.

2015-08-17 16:14:44 by Sibortech

1-Would you like me to do commissions for you guys? (I have a paypal set up and all. And I am looking for a new tablet for art, this would also fund when I go to conventions as an artist which I do alot of. Also, I'd be happy to do it.)

2-Do you want me to post sketchs? (I mean I would but doesn't really get the views or anything to be honest. I'd do it tho if you wanted to see how I do sketches.)


Also I am working on a small animation. Its fucking tiny. Like a decent couple of seconds, maybe even a minute if your lucky, I am looking for voice actors. More details soon.

I am making skin brushes since manga studio can't fucking provide that...